Who we are

M. M. Cunha is a Portuguese company established in 1998 supplying surgical instruments, technical aids and other healthcare equipments.

Our company leverages on 45 years of experience in both manufacturing and supplying surgical instruments, our main area, which allows us to provide a service quality.

All of our suppliers, Portuguese or from overseas, are selected based on their products and service quality, on their reliability and honesty. In order to share knowledge and experience, our collaborators and our suppliers are in constant contact, which gives us the oportunity to develop products according to the needs of each individual customer.

We guarantee technical assistance on all products commercialized by our company, and we also repair surgical instruments from other brands. Assistance is performed by qualified and experienced staff.

We believe that a professional relationship is built upon quality, reliability, honesty, integrity, trust, dedication. These principles drive our daily relationship with our customers. We accept and provide suggestions, we share knowledge and experience. This constant learning makes us improve, increase the quality of our services and contributes to the world of health.